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Laboratory 7
Adaptive and Robust Systems

Last modified Aug 15, 2009.


Currently being developed a MATLAB toolbox for analysis and design in linear systems with bounded disturbances (using invariant ellipsoids technique).
Boris Polyak, Mikhail Khlebnikov and Pavel Shcherbakov.

Laboratory participates in the developing of Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox (RACT) for MATLAB. This Toolbox is a realization of randomized algorithms for the solutions of robust linar matrix inequalities that appears in problems of automatic control. The work is performed in the framework of Russian-Italian collaboration project. Russian participants are Boris Polyak, Pavel Shcherbakov, Elena Gryazina and Andrey Tremba. The Italian part represents the Control Group of Politecnico di Torino: Roberto Tempo, Fabrizio Dabbene and Giuseppe Calafiore.
For all questions, please contact  Andrey Tremba.

The laboratory is working on two another software systems, ADAPLAB-M and GAMMA-2PC, designed for development engineers of control systems.

Program package ADAPLAB-M is a MATLAB Toolbox-like system, which can be used for the design of identification and adaptive control algorithms. The main distinguishing feature of ADAPLAB from the MATLAB Identification Toolbox is that the disturbances and perturbations are assumed to be arbitrary, unknown and bounded functions.
The software system GAMMA-2PC is intended for the design of optimal controllers, identification and adaptive control, based on the requirement of regulation accuracy for a wide class of disturbances, guaranteeing the multi-dimentional stability margins.
All questions can be addressed to  Albert Alexandrov.

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