ICS RAS L.7 V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences
Laboratory 7
Adaptive and Robust Systems


September 2010

Boris T. Polyak Head Researcher, Doctor of science
Vladimir N. Chestnov Leading Researcher, Doctor of science
Elena N. Gryazina Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Mikhail V. Khlebnikov Laboratory Head, Doctor of science
Yana I. Kvinto (Petrikevich) Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Alexander V. Nazin Leading Researcher, Doctor of science
Yuri F. Orlov Researcher, Doctor of science
Sergey E. Parsegov Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Ilya G. Rezkov Researcher, Ph.D.
Dmitriy V. Shatov Junior Researcher, Ph.D.
Pavel S. Shcherbakov Head Researcher, Doctor of science
Elena A. Stefanyuk Junior Researcher
Andrey A. Tremba Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

September 2007     October 2008

Among the people affiliated with the Lab in the past were academicians Igor M. Makarov, Nikolai A. Kuznetsov, Boris N. Naumov and Yurii S. Popkov, doctors of science Mark A. Krasnosel'skii, Alexander S. Poznyak, Nikolai A. Bobylev, Alexander M. Petrovskii and many others. Recent ones:

Albert G. Alexandrov Leading Researcher, Doctor of science (up to 02.2017)
Oleg O. Vasil'ev Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (up to 04.2015)
Andrey E. Polyakov Leading Researcher, Ph.D. (up to 05.2014)
Tatiana I. Shmidt Leading Engineer (up to 04.2014)
Maksim N. Demenkov Leading Mathematician, Ph.D. (up to 04.2014)
Nikolai P. Petrov Leading Engineer, Ph.D. (up to 04.2013)
Maksim V. Palenov Senior Engineer, Ph.D. (up to 01.2013)
Tatyana Yu. Uryvskaya Research Visitor, Ph.D.
Elena G. Labankova Ph.D. student
Sergey A. Nazin Ph.D.
Dmitrii A. Khomutov Ph.D. student

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